SmartyKit for software engineers
Helping software engineers debug less explaining fundamentals of computer science in hands-on computer assembly project
Computer you are building with SmartyKit is the first computer of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs 'on steroids' ⚡
From engineer for engineers ✋
Books are time-consuming ⏳, it's hard to follow them and many of them are quite boring – we want to save your time and efforts
How SmartyKit can help you as a software engineer?
Understand fundamental concepts of computer science and programming pretty fast to debug less ✊
high level languages, assembly and machine codes
what is program and operating system
functions and parameters
how to work with hardware and what is driver
SmartyKit is a great investment
With salary of $100,000/year and ~2,000 working hours/year (we know you guys do it more but we use standards) you get ~$50/hour. For sure we will save you more than 6 hours of debugging so SmartyKit really pays out!
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Maybe right now you don't have time to read 3,168 pages of classic "The Art of Computer Programming" by Donald Knuth
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