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SmartyKit® — computer construction kit to build the first computer of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs – Apple-1. Building it you would understand how computers work and have fun!
What's inside the kit?
Breadboards, jumper wires, batteries case, display with frame, electronic components, connectors, video cable, FTDI cable
Assembled SmartyKit
You build your SmartyKit on breadboards – adding modules, then electronic components and wires
Asseembled SmartyKit modules on breadboards
Instructions & community support
You would get access to our online instruction and our Discord community to get help
Discord community where you could get help
You can do it!
Tested on our Workshops in the U.S.,
Singapore and Russia
SmartyKit works!
All tests are passed – and you'd get your SmartyKit working and could play with it
Key benefits
Touch the legend
You would build the first computer of Silicon Valley legends – Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs
Learn technologies
You would learn basics of computers, how software meets hardware, would experiment with Arduino
Have fun during the journey
You would build the computer and have fun
Computer construction kit SmartyKit 1
You would get all necessary parts to build your own version of the first computer of Steves
  • 14 custom printed circuit boards for computer modules & 14 integrated circuits (chips)
  • 2.8" LCD-screen (320x240) with custom black frame, bolts and screws
  • Video (RCA) and Keyboard (PS/2) connectors
  • FTDI cable for video/keyboard drivers update & software upload (via Arduino IDE)
  • Video (RCA) cable for monitor and TV connection
  • 5 breadboards (830 dots)
  • 3 jumper wires kits (140 wires)
  • Electronic components (resistors, capacitors, buttons, crystals, LEDs)
  • Battery pack for 4xAAA
  • Sticker pack for chips
  • Flat rate to-door delivery – $35 (US and international)
SmartyKit 1
Computer construction kit
Shippings started in March, 2021. Will ship up to August, 2021
The journey is the reward.
— Steve Jobs
What people say?
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What will I learn with this kit?
– How Apple-1 works
– What the main parts of every computer and smartphone are
– What a processor is and how it works as a computer's brain to execute software code
– What memory is and how it works
– How keyboards work
– How video controllers work and how a video signal is formed
– How a simple operating system works
For who this kit is a good match?
– Software developers who want to understand how computers work
– Those who to start an IT career and land their dream job in a top IT company
– Silicon Valley tech startup founders with a non-tech background who want to understand the basics of computers
– Teenagers who like tech but spend too much time on device screens
– Families and friends who want to spend a week-end together working on an educational and fun project
– Schools, kids centers, computer museums, and summer camps that want to have a hand-on tool to explain how computers work
What people say
«Steve Wozniak designed and hand-built the original back in 1976. Anyone who wants to assemble their own today can buy the parts and instructions from SmartyKit.»
Cult of Mac

«As a true fan, if you cannot afford a genuine, cult and rare Apple I at $300,000... the good news is: SmartyKit will launch a DIY version!»
Thierry Gaillet
We have created online step-by-step instruction with video, photos, schemes.
Also we could arrange an introductory Zoom call to help you in getting the best experience.

You follow steps, check that step is successful with LEDs and then move forward. If test is not passed – you check again the instruction until the problem is solved.

Also there is power on self-test (POST) program that checks all modules of the computer.

Average assembly time is 8-10 hours, so you could say you'd need a weekend to assemble it. If you would need help with assembly you could use our email or Twitter. Also we plan to host Zoom webinars like this with Steve Wozniak to answer common questions.

Feel free to contact us via email or Twitter

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