Tools for building DIY computer kit – SmartyKit computer kit

Tools for building DIY computer kit

Hi smartie!

Want to build your own computer from a computer kit? Here are some tools that will help you in this geek journey!

The journey is the reward!
Steve Jobs

Tools to build your computer kit 


Even very simple one for about $10 will be enough – it will help to check the connections with sound, that will speed up troubleshooting.

Link to buy on Amazon:


Wire stripper 

You may need wire strippers to work with jumper wires – good ones will cost about $6-9.

Link to buy on Amazon:


Micro cutters



You may need micro cutters for more precise cuts of leads of electronic components – resistors, capacitors, LEDs. You can get good ones for $7-10.

 Link to buy on Amazon:


Long nose pliers

Long nose pliers will help you to bend components leads – it helps a lot with resistors, capacitors, and LEDs. Good ones cost $7-12.

Link to buy on Amazon:


Extras for your building set-up

Cutting mat

Cutting mat helps you organize your work and save your desk – there plenty of them but I like this 18"x24" (45.7x60.9 cm) black one for $29.

Link to buy on Amazon:

Example of building set-up from SmartyKit client


Please share tools that worked for you well! Would love to hear your experience!


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