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Piece together the genius of Wozniak and Jobs' first computer with SmartyKit, the puzzle for tech enthusiasts!

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Andrew Bosworth, Meta CTO 🇺🇸

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We're on a mission to bring SmartyKits, packed with STEM learning opportunities, to every school worldwide! 🌍📚

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SmartyKit – DIY computer on breadboards ✨

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SmartyKit Black – Exclusive Limited edition of the DIY computer on breadboards ✨

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The new do-it-yourself package by SmartyKit gives you all the pieces you need to build the Apple-1 with no soldering required. #CES2020

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Steve Wozniak designed and hand-built the original back in 1976. Anyone who wants to assemble their own today can buy the parts and instructions from SmartyKit.


As a true fan, if you cannot afford a genuine, cult and rare Apple I at $300,000... the good news is: SmartyKit will launch a DIY version!

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