Apple I-compatible computer construction kit for geeks to understand how computers work. Build and have fun!
Starting from $199
The Apple I was the original Apple computer built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, so naturally every Apple fanatic has dreamed of playing around with an Apple I or even having their own. But you won't need to keep dreaming, because you'll be able to build your own DIY Apple 1 replica thanks to a new project called SmartyKit.
Package and integrated circuits
Breadboards, wires, components
What will I learn with this kit?
– How Apple I works;
– What the main parts of every computer and smartphone are;
– What a processor is and how it works as a computer's brain to execute software code;
– What memory is and how it works;
– How keyboards work;
– How video controllers work and how a video signal is formed;
– How a simple operating system works;
– How to write simple code.
For who this kit is a good match?
– Apple fans and enthusiasts;
– Software developers who want to understand how computers work;
– Those who to start an IT career and land their dream job in a top IT company;
– Silicon Valley tech startup founders with a non-tech background who want to understand the basics of computers;
– Teenagers who like tech but spend too much time on device screens;
– Families and friends who want to spend a week-end together working on an educational and fun project;
– Schools, kids centers, computer museums, and summer camps that want to have a hand-on tool to explain how computers work.
What is included?
– Breadboards
– Chips with firmware
– Electronic components
– Wires
– Colored cables
– PS/2 and RCA sockets
– RCA cable

Generator (IC1) • CPU 6502 (IC2) • Read/write signals decoder (IC3) • RAM (IC4) • ROM (IC5) • Memory addresses decoder (IC6 & IC7) • Keyboard controller (IC8) • Display port (IC9) • Ports addresses decoder (IC10 & IC11) • Video controller (IC12) • Keyboard port (IC13) • Keyboard BIT 7 port (IC14) • Display BIT 7 port (IC15)
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