Rediscovering the Apple-1: DIY Single-Board Project Unveiled – SmartyKit computer kit

Rediscovering the Apple-1: DIY Single-Board Project Unveiled

Greetings, tech enthusiasts! In a remarkable move, we're thrilled to announce that we've just made our Apple-1 single-board production files (gerbers) available as open-source, empowering you to create your very own Apple-1 computer. Now you can roll up your sleeves, order the necessary components from your favorite PCB workshop, and embark on a thrilling DIY project. This is your golden opportunity to delve into the history of computing and build a piece of tech history!

You can access the production files on our GitHub repository: Apple-1 Single-Board PCB.

What's more, this particular board has garnered significant attention on TikTok, boasting nearly 1 million views, proving that vintage tech can still capture the imagination of modern audiences. Check out the viral TikTok video here: TikTok Video.

For those curious about how this iconic machine works, we've put together a concise demonstration on YouTube. Get a glimpse of the Apple-1 in action: Apple-1 Demo.

Once you've successfully assembled your Apple-1, you can proudly display it in your home office or work-from-home setup, adding a dash of geeky charm to your surroundings. Take inspiration from enthusiasts who have already done so by exploring the following Instagram post: Apple-1 Office Decor.

We understand that tackling such a project may come with its challenges, and that's why we encourage you to join the SmartyKit Discord community. Here, you can connect with fellow builders, seek guidance, and share your progress as you bring your Apple-1 to life.

This open-source release marks an exciting step towards preserving and celebrating the legacy of early computing. We look forward to seeing your unique Apple-1 creations and witnessing the resurgence of this vintage marvel in the modern world. Get ready to relive the history of technology and create your very own Apple-1!